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Wolfe & Cub informative Antenatal workshops
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The Wolfe Pack is an absolute essential for every woman going through pregnancy, be it first or subsequent pregnancies. At a time where all the focus is on the baby and buying things in preparation for the birth, it is so lovely to recieve something that is just for the mumma who is doing it all. The packaging is gorgeous and every item is very clearly explained. This pack should be put as an 'essential item' on all antenatal lists and classes. I could not recommend it any more.


To any expecting mummas out there I highly recommend a session with Tahlia. Being first time parents it was so nice to have her come to our home and go through all things pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding & newborn care. Tahlia has such a beautiful nature and is super easy to talk to making it a great environment to ask questions and discuss all things leading into parenthood!


The beautifully packaged Wolfe Pack contains all the things an expecting Mumma needs to feel pampered and prepared.

I truly believe that the treats inside the pack helped me through the later stages of pregnancy and into the safe arrival of our bub. The raspberry leaf tea is absolutely delish also! 

The Wolfe Pack is a must have item for all expecting Mumma’s.


A big thank you to Tahlia from Wolfe&Cub. for letting me hire a TENS machine. I used it for my second baby and I wish I had it first time round. It was AMAZING and I highly recommend it for any expecting mothers, particularly first time Mum's who may endure a long labour and want an additional pain relief method.

It was easy to use and helped to alleviate the pain of each contraction.


My husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of January and recently booked Tahlia for the Your First Cub workshop.

2020 has been such an unsettled year resulting in cancelled pre natal classes, particularly face to face support, so when we found Tahlia on Instagram we didnt hesitate in booking her one on one workshop. After all, what could be better than a "midwife of the year" spending one on one time with you and your birthing partner, talking all things pregnancy, labour and birth from the comfort of your own home.

We weren't dissapointed. Tahlia's workshop was SO informative, thorough and interesting. She talked through every aspect of the birthing process, from what to take to the hospital, stages of labour to pain relief, and the all important golden hour.

Tahlia's level of knowledge is outstanding, but most importantly, she was friendly, empathetic and a joy to have in our home.

She has put us both at ease for what is to come and we both feel much more comfortable with our options in the birthing suite.

I cant recommend Wolfe&Cub. enough.