Tahlia. Mid North Coast

Tahlia is the passionate Midwife behind Wolfe&Cub. est 2020, a Registered Nurse, wife & Wolfe Mama to her little Cub.

Having completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2012, Tahlia travelled to Africa where she nursed patients on board the Africa Mercy. It was there that she felt a compelling need for accessible, good & safe midwifery care & decided to complete her Graduate Diploma of Midwifery in 2016.

Employed at one of Sydneys major tertiary hospitals, Royal North Shore, Tahlia's midwifery career has seen her working in all sectors of Midwifery care including antenatal, postnatal & birthing. A major career highlight was being accepted onto the Midwifery Group Practice program & being able to provide continuity of care to many women & their supports. This opportunity provided Tahlia with the ability to practice autonomously & confidently whilst building solid professional relationships with both midwifery & obstetric colleagues. 

A tree change saw Tahlia move to Central West NSW where she felt that women of the Central West deserved all of the opportunities she knew women in the city had. Wolfe&Cub. was born out of a passion to provide women & their supports with pregnancy, labour, birth & postpartum education that was not otherwise readily available, especially to areas hundreds of kilometers from the nearest birthing facility. Tahlia continues to practice as a Registered Midwife in the public health system & now calls the beautiful Mid North Coast home.

Tahlia feels that this boutique pregnancy service encompasses more than just a one off birthing class. It is a relationship, a support network & an empowering journey to parenthood & she cant wait for you to join her & the Wolfe&Cub. team.

Jane. Sydney


Jane is a Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse and proud mum to two boys.

Jane completed her Graduate Diploma in Midwifery in 2013 at a private hospital on Sydney's Lower North Shore. Having worked there for a few years Jane headed into the public sector to gain more experience and autonomy.

Jane has worked in all areas of maternity care including the antenatal clinic, birth unit and the postnatal ward. Jane found her real passion in continuity of care after working in the Midwifery Group Practice model of care.

Janes loves caring for women and their families, building trusting supportive relationships with them and educating families so that they feel empowered, making choices that are right for them based on what they have learnt and their own wishes. 

Jane is passionate about what is best for each family based on their individual circumstances. She will tailor workshops to your needs and ensure that you feel safe, supported and empowered to tackle the journey and transition into parenthood.

Jane loves babies- particularly newborns, she enjoys educating families on how to care for their baby and themselves. 

Jane will empower, reassure and set you up for what can be a very overwhelming daunting time for new and second time parents. 

Book in for an antenatal workshop with Jane or an in-home postnatal visit on Sydney’s North Shore & Northern Beaches or online, from wherever you call home.

Hannah. Sydney

Hannah is a Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse and Mum to Billie & Olive.

She studied nursing straight out of high school & after her new grad year she studied midwifery with a scholarship to do a Graduate Diploma of Midwifery. She hasn’t looked back since!

She has worked in all areas of maternity care and particularly loved the continuity while she worked on the MGP at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Hannah works part time at Northern Beaches Hospital rotating through all areas but has a particular love for the birth unit.

She is passionate about supporting women to be well educated around options and choices & has done so both in her day to day role & facilitating hospital based birth classes. She is keen to support families in whatever decisions they make and will support you to do whatever works best for you & your family.

Hannah’s second baby, Olive, was born at 23 weeks and passed away shortly after birth. Since having this experience Hannah has developed an interest in bereavement care and navigating life after baby loss.

Since Olive, Hannah has founded @olive_and_kin - handmade ceramics in honour of their beautiful girl Olive Fitzpatrick. Olive and Kin was created when both Hannah & her Husband needed an urn for their daughter & couldn’t find anything they felt was right so, Hannah made her one. As well as urns, Hannah makes mugs, bowls & incense holders to name a few things. By the selling of these items & donations she is able to make urns free for those who find themselves in a position where they need one. Do yourselves a favour & check her out on instagram @olive_and_kin - something for everyone.

Hannah has a particular interest in the fourth trimester & will encourage you to take it slow in the postpartum period & adopt some long lost practices for the birthing person around the self care, rest & recovery that is essential as you become parents.


Sophie. Dubbo

Sophie is a Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse, lover of plants, adventure & a cheeky cocktail or two 

Sophie started off completing a Bachelor of Nursing in 2011. After she worked as a nurse for a few years she took a break and lived in Canada for a year chasing snowboarding highs.

A true midwife at heart, Sophie then returned in 2017 to complete her Graduate Diploma of Midwifery.

Training & then working at a major Sydney tertiary hospital allowed Sophie to hone her skills across all areas of Midwifery.

A truly passionate midwife Sophie then found her calling in Midwifery Group Practice. Her confidence and skills shone as she expertly cared for women throughout their pregnancy, birth & postpartum.
Sophie has a particular love for birthing as well as preparing and supporting women through their postpartum - the often forgotten 4th trimester.

Following her heart, Sophie then swapped the harbours of Sydney for the Central West of NSW. It was here one fateful day where she met Tahlia and clicked immediately.

Working in rural health certainly comes with challenges and a lack of resources. Sophie felt a strong desire to help educate and support the women in her area to have a strong and empowered birth!