Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I book a Workshop?

For all workshop information please click on Workshops. in the main menu. 

To book a time to suit the need of yourself & your birth partner, please contact Wolfe&Cub. via:

Email: hello@wolfecub.com.au


Phone: 0425 207 721

Wolfe&Cub. will then direct you to the website for payment & allocate you your own educator. 

When should I book a Workshop with Wolfe&Cub.?

You can take part in a workshop at any time in your pregnancy however, at Wolfe&Cub. we feel our workshops are best enjoyed at 26-34 weeks of your pregnancy as the information is then fresh in your mind before bringing your Cub earth-side. 

Can my birth partner attend the Workshop?

Absolutely & we highly recommend they do. As much as this time is about you Wolfe Mama & growing your Cub, we believe it is so important to include your birth partner & we are absolutely going to make sure they feel supported, empowered & equipped to be there for you. Your birth partner is included in the cost of the workshop.

Do you only do private workshops or can I take part in a group?

Wolfe&Cub. offers both private & group workshops so if you have a few friends growing Cubs at the same time or want the opportunity to meet other Wolfe Mamas, bumps and their supports, please let me know & we would love to make this happen for you.

Where are workshops held?

Wolfe&Cub. is happy to provide an in home service on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Sydney’s North Shore & Northern Beaches, Dubbo & surrounds. Wolfe&Cub. is also more than happy to meet with you in a public meeting place of mutual choosing. 

Alternatively, online workshops are very attractive to a number of families & Wolfe&Cub. is very happy & honoured to provide online support worldwide. 

When should I book my TENS machine?

TENS machine hire is for a 6 week period. We personally recommend that you commence your hire from 37 weeks therefore covering you for term birth & beyond. Please reach out as soon as you know you would like to hire a TENS for the labour & birth of your Cub as limited machines are available.

What is The Wolfe Pack?

The Wolfe Pack is a carefully curated birth kit by Wolfe&Cub. with items to help you prepare & nourish your body for labour & the birth of your Cub. 

A passion project having wished for all of these items whilst pregnant with my Cub in the one readily accessible pack. 

Take a look - Click on The Wolfe Pack. in the main menu. 

Free local pickup OR standard & express shipping available. 

Also the perfect gift for anyone expecting the arrival of their Cub.