Wolfe & Cub informative Antenatal workshops


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Private, in home or online the Expanding your Wolfe Pack. workshop is designed for you if this is not your first cub, you have done it all before but feel you could benefit from a little reminder or would love to do things a little differently this time. It will provide:

  • An opportunity to have an open conversation & debrief about your previous birth experience
  • When to call the hospital
  • Reminder of the labour & birth basics
  • Strategies for coping with pain
  • The "golden hour" those first precious moments of meeting the newest addition to your Wolfe Pack
  • Newborn feeding intentions
  • Taking your Cub home
  • Newborn care & early parenting
  • The fourth trimester
  • & more

To make a booking, please purchase your workshop online & contact us on 0425 207 721 or hello@wolfecub.com.au to organise your preferred date & time.

*Workshop run time 2-2.5hrs

*Upon allocation of your Wolfe&Cub. educator, a travel fee may be discussed if you reside out of area.